JETSURF Insurance

All around the world are Jet-Surfboards incoming. More and more surfer do not want to wait about some breezes, but want surfing every time. This is possible with the help of a Jetsurf. Young sportsmen – and for sure women, too - are interested in it and are willing to surf on every spot worldwide.

JETSURF Insurance

It is easy to handle, an extremely lightweight and fast, as well. Everyone could surf with this watercraft board without needing waves. Describing a Jetsurf is not difficult. It’s a mixture between surfboard and waveboard, which could use on any water you like. If driving is allowed. Because most of them have two engines, which are driven by petrol, it is important to know, where you can surf with these boards. If you think that it is easier to find a surf area for the ones with an electronic engine it is wrong. In Switzerland it is forbidden and also Austria surf spots are limited. Please, check out before using.

Is it possible to surf everywhere?

Of course it is not allowed to use JetSurfs every time anywhere. Please, be sure that you will always follow the rules on water. Every country has its own conditions of using, but every region, as well. You can research on the Internet. Because it is not easy to find some information about driving spots, some organisations gathered areas.

For example the German JetSurf club created an interactive card for surf hotspots in Europe and South America. If you want to know, where surfing is possible, please follow the link. This card will be developed step by step. Is there any spot missing, it would be fantastic, giving a hint by mail.

The JetSurf Academy USA has also listed some surfing spots. If you are interested in surfing through North America, please follow this link. As you can see, Florida is a big deal for jet-surfing. Also the landscape is pretty interesting and different, but you know – surfing through America is an adventure!

Should I insure my JetSurf?

If it is possible to insure your JetSurf, go for it! First of all you can consulate your third-party liability insurer. The insurance gives you an answer, if using a JetSurfboard is insured or not. Most of them allowed the usage up to a fixed horsepower. German insurance companies mostly fixed up to 11,03 kwh. Some insurance policies include more power. Because everything is possible in your insurance, please contact the insurer.

For sure it is possible to take out a separate third-party liability insurance for your JetSurf. Some insurance companies, e.g. in Great-Britain and United States of America, offer coverage for JetSurfboards. Actually European insurer don’t have an ideal coverage for JetSurf insurances, by now. It is pretty hard to find a company, which could make an perfect offer for your board. In Europe it is possible to insure boards, with a matching CE declaration of conformity, as a jetski – like registration. If you do not get any other coverage, you should insure your board like this.


Another main part is protection against theft. A household insurance could be a first option. It is very important that the contract includes surf devices and not only surfboards. Surfboards usually don’t have an engine, which means that a claim could be reject. The problem with the household insurance is, that the insured area is limited. There is coverage at home and a restricted time outside (external insurance). But take care, that theft is insured in a way of housebreaking. Just theft, e.g. while the board is laying at the beach and you are sitting nearby, is not included. Saving your board because of theft, a jetsurf insurance should be taking out. Next to coverage against damages because of fire, storm, natural hazards you get an all-risk protection. This includes housebreaking and also theft, without being determinate to a specific area or room.

According to registration and conformity it should be possible to insure a JetSurfboard like a jetski. Known jetski insurance companies or insurance broker, specialized on boat and jetski insurance with own conditions, offer coverage during the night. It is no problem, when your board lays outside for some nights. If it was stolen, you become the insured sum.

Because of a raising market of JetSurfboards and a growing community of surfer a specific insurance is not long in coming and will be offered soon. In Germany Nammert insurance, also known as “The Boat Insurer.” is working on a comprehensive and detailed tariff.

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